Saturday, December 31, 2011

Awww , New year ; 2012 ♥

Hmm , wanna countdown but dontknow where to go .
Haih , he's not in ipoh .
Miss him noh , at first thought of celebrating countdown with him at my house gea , but now , mou jor lor !
YER , now do what ? Update blog lor - -
Kaili call me go kbox , yyy call me go padang count stars ! WTF , hahahahahha !
He said he'll be coming back tmrw , call me dont gao gao zhen ! :P
I where got gao gao zhen , im so guai :D
Hahahahaha , yor , i dont care ah !
Later drag my mom out to long gai sin !
At least dont need to stay at home on this new year eve !
G O T T A F E E L ♥
Ngek ngek ngek ngek !
Baby baby i miss you , i love you , i need you !
Sot jo , sorry uh , mental sikit :)
I hopw 2012 will be a good year for me & him .
Wish me luck ! I will make sure to countdown with him next year :D

H A P P Y N E W Y E A R ; 2012 ♥

Thursday, December 29, 2011

S W E E T ♥

this is my face when i saw his mommy ! shy shy :$

Hehehe , sweet noh today !
He came to my house today and i went to his house too !
We ate breakfast together errr ! Hehehehehehehehehehe , mwahhh :$
Wahahahahaha , i saw his mommy :$
Scared sei ngo :( hehehehe , but he keep on laughing there !
That sei sui zai :D
Hehehe , went to his room too .
Aw , he kissed me on the bed :*
Hehehehe , i feel so sweet uh . Yer , gam gok ngo hou chi hui gea lou por gam :$
OPS , love him so damn fucking much :)
Im waiting for my birthday to come and introduce him to my mom
I love his smell , hehehehe hug too much . My shirt also got his smell dy .
Hmmmmm , missing him now ;)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Things doesnt go smoothly as i thought .
Justnow my mom and dad lectured me and him .
Haih , im feeling stressful .
Firsttime wanna bring him see my mom lar , dim butt ji gao chutt gam dor ye .
Hou lan fan lor :'(
Im thinking of how to persuade him now .
I really want to live with him .
But i cant be so selfish , forcing him to do things he dont want to do .
Hou san fu ah ngo .
Dim jek yi gah ?


Understanding girlf ? ;/ AM I ?

I always say im a understanding girlf , but actualy im not .
I mind he dump me alone , i mind he reply my text late :(
Yerr , i really wanna be an understanding girlf !
Hehe , to be his girl :D
I also must be very berjimat cermat dit ! So that we can share share for our expenses in england next next year ;D
To fulfil my babyboy's dream to be an international , professional and famous clown , ill help him kawkaw !
Ill bring him to see my mom on my birthday ! ><
Very gan jeong uh , yer ! This is the firsttime i bringing boyboy to eat with my family .
Im very serious this time , NO JOKE .
I really hope to be his future wife , mwahhhhhh !

I L O V E W O N G W A I S H E N , B I I ♥

Monday, December 26, 2011

Your future , My future ; OUR FUTURE .

We talked about our future last night .
Hahah , i told him my future plans , i told him i gotta go england to further studies .
He too , told me his future plans .
His job is actually a clown ! Ohmygod , im so fucking suprised !
Hehehe , i think i have found him , the one i need in my life .
I really appreciate last night , i knew more about his past , his future plans .
Haha , dont know why , i got a strong feeling of introducing him to my mom .
Ha , gosh . I think i really in love with him .
I really wanna tell my mom , # Miii , i have found the one i love , the one who can take care of me the rest of my life .
Mamamia , dont think too much first :D
Hehe , i hope me and him will live together forever :)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry day :D

Hehe , today hen kai xin .
Gaigai with him kawkaw ! Ehehe
Ate doughnuts , sang k , played capcom ! Hehe dia manyak cute ohhhh ;)
Lalala , jong ji jao hei happy lar today .
Nothing much to post :)
Tired , nights baby ;*
Unforgettable christmas :$

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Dont forget my love .

HOHOHO , its christmas baby !
Lol , celebrating it with him thru the phone :D
Hehe , ilovehim , merry christmas <3
He said we are a special couple cause celebrating it thru the phone .
Haha , sor bie . Lalala , gaigai with him tmrw err ;)
Very gan jeong ! /.\ Hehehe
My one and only christmas wish is to be with him , celebrate each and every eve with him .
# pray pray , hehehehe .
Thats all for today , goodnight , merry merry christmas , holy night :)

Beautiful my boy :D

Nothing is better than you , YOU YOU YOU <3

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Friday, December 23, 2011

WongWaiShen ;* <3

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My Baby <3

WongWaiShen , my baby boy starts my new life :)
He loves me an i love him very muchie too ;p
Hehehe , we are going on a date on this christmas :D
Awww , cant wait for it . Hehe , i miss him so much ;)
Hope he will be a long lasting one :)

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