Sunday, June 20, 2010

Im missing you.
What to do? Im bored.
But I dont wanna text you.
Im scared you will say Im disturbing.
Heess. So I just wait for your reply. ♥
Uhhmm, school holidays gonna end today.
Imma cant sleep till the noon lerr.
Wees. Gonna miss it! (:

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Did I made the wrong decision ?

Grrr. Im feeling so moody now since you said so.
You keep on blame me.
Sometimes I sits at the corner of my room and I think,
Am I really that hak yan zheng?
Sighs. Im tired of being like that.
Since we have broke up, just let it go.
Dont keep on looking back!
This will made both suffer too.
If you really wanna do something for me, just try to forget me ba.
Still friends. ♥


Uhhmm. This is the third blog I have created. (:
Dont know what to blog right now.
Feel blurr.
Many things happened.
But, life still goes on right?
New life, new blog too. (:
Awwww, missing him. ♥

lovesyou .