Saturday, August 28, 2010

B L U R - C A S E !

Its already 3 months passed, and i still cant let go him.
And, today someone asked me, * Do you still love him, miss him?
Grrrr, and my answer was * Uhm, yea. I do miss him in a sudden, but i hate him damn much too.
Whatthehell! Am i lying to myself?
Sighs. Not only lying to myself, but to him too.
I received a text from an unknown number recently and the text was about sweet things btw me and him.
I really wanna know whos that unknown!
Is it him or his friends?
Fuck, just tell la. I just wanna know who you are!

Its really a tough day.

Lalalala. I slept at 4 yesterday night!
And guess what time i woke up today?
Its 8! OMFG! Damnnn tired lo.
Uhm, hanged around with sissss today at outdoor theme park!
Its really COOL and FUN! <3
We played many things! But she is too over sometimes!
Not to spoil our mood, i dint say anything ;)
Gonna hang around tonight again! Gonna sing K later!
LOLS! Cool ;)
me and cousin sis! ;)

Random me

smileeeee ;D

me and my sissss ;)

Recent life.

Uhm, finally trial ended!
And soon, FINAL.
Ahahahaha, im working very hard fot it! LOLS.
Im holiday-ing at genting! ;)
Uhm, played like mad justnow.
Was happy cause hanged with someone!
LOLS. Whatthehack!
About love, sighs. I still miss him!
My brain was like telling me not to forget him.
What should i do so that he'll be deleted from my stupid dumb dumb head?!
WHATEVER lar! Who cares, he dont care i dont care noone cares! ;)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Long time no BLOG ! (:

Dint updated my blog for almost, uhm, 3 months.
I think.
Heessss. Many things happened andandand, I changed a lot too.
He was my num.16 exs and I did really appreciated him.
I told to myself that, since me, myself is a playgirl, for not hurting any boys anymore, I wont couple.
Till I learn how to become a loyal person in love.
Uhmm, recently only I knew that my best best best friends backstabbed me.
I really dint thought that they will do so to me.
I felt really disappointed on them.
I thought I could maintain our friendship forever!
To me , nothing is more important than friends!
I really miss you all babes!
I miss the time we recess together, crapping and all sorts!
Trial is around the corner, and so, gonna update my blog a few months later!
I gonna miss my bloggiee '