Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Whoots ! Genting trip :)

Awww ! After a 4 hours car journey , finally reached genting :)
Hmm , quite cold err here .
Walked around & sat at starbucks wit my baobei laptop ! ♥
Hahahaha XD
Americano tastes delicious !
My favourite :)
Aww , kinda cold ! Seriously ~
Im shivering right now XD
Uhm , i miss A in a sudden justnow , i was thinking , how good it will be if he's just right beside me now .
I swear , ill just lie on him & sleep for the rest of my lifee .
But things doesnt go as you wished .
Just let go , MANDYKHOR !
Haiz , blablabla .
Have no else to blog :)
Im awaiting for school to reopen !
I miss my babes very much ♥ !

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

haru haru Big Bang MV 하루 하루 ft. Park Min Young [HQ]

TB Lifeeeee :D

Hmm , tb life isnt that fun that i thought .
But , anyway i enjoyed it too :)
Yay , i passed my audition ! ♥
Hahahhha , tmrw goona have the first meeting uhh ><
Gen jeongggg ! Hoho .
Sat yao yao promo tour uh at srjk bercham :)
Many things to prepare and need to practice so muchhhhh !
Hahahaha , honey and strepsils , my daily medicine ♥
Hmm , sleep first !
Goodnight everyone :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Taeyang - Wedding Dress [HD]

Nowadays life :)

Aww , life is so unhappy :(
Wanna die ! Lol .
Many things happened and im used to it !
Eveyone said ive changed !
Changed to cold blooded !
OMG , did i ?
Hahahhahahahah , i dont care !
Thats your mouth , i cant control what you wanna say geaaaa :)
Sigh , audition tmrw !
Im scareddddddd :((
Hope that luck's on my side tmrw !
JESUS , help meee


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ice cream ♥

I love ice cream .
And i dont know why , everytime when i watch the drama * moonlight resonance * , i think of you .

And i will sing along with it .

And my mood swings like the feel in the song too .
Aw , can you just appear in front of me everytime when i hear this song ?
I really feel like wanna hug you and kiss you ♥

Please , dont leave me alone .

I really need you . I loves life alone , but i dont wanna be alone :(
The memo
ries , things we did . I locked it inside my heart , and i know i'll never forget it .
I just love you that much .

Cant control , just appear sometimes in my dream .

How much i wish i could bump into you when i got out from my house .
I miss you ♥

The song i hear and i'll miss you ♥


You talk to me
You speak with me
Don't sink before you rise baby

Don't fade away

You hesitate
You seem to wait
For all the time we had
Feels like a world away

Who's to say, we'll be ok
We will make it through the night
Don't wanna wake up in this state
I just want us both to smile

Cause we're the same
And I know that we'll never change
Look I bought your favourite ice cream
I don't wanna see it melt away

If you walk out now
I don't know if we're gonna be the same
Baby just talk with me
Cause I want you to stay here with me

The memories
The things we did
I locked inside my heart

Where I know I won't forget

And now, whos to say, well be ok
We will make it through the night
Don't wanna wake up in this state
I just want us both to smile

Cause were the same
And I know that we'll never change

Look I bought your favorite ice ream
I don't want to see it melts away

If you walk out now
I don't know if we could be the same
Baby just talk with me
Cause I want you to stay here with me

I want you to stay here with me

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Random post .

Aw , as usual , i woke up at 9 something today .
I went to bathe and , haha . My handphone ! :))
Haha , then accompanied my mom to wet market !
Euww , ate the food sold at wet market .
Felt like vomitting . But i felt hungry too .
Must eat lo then . Damn !
Then reached home , went to bathe !

Aiks , studied history and geography !
Damn , and no mood :((

That should be me , feeling your kiss .
That should be me , holding your hands .

That should be me , giving you gifts !
I love him , LKC !
Dont simply think mai those mou liu ye ! I dont want you
to misunderstand me anymore !

Please trust me :((

Random me .

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Days with him :))

Aw , quite bored this afternoon .
Onlined but have noone to chat with .
But i kept finding others to chat with :))
Ahaha ! I 've baked a cake today !
Hmm , smells nice , looks great and tastes delicious ! ♥
Haha , and i finished the whole cake !

* Blerkkkk . Too full :))
Haha ! Till now only i realised that i havent touch my book before for today !
Damn , i should study later !
Ahaha ! ;))
Aiks , i dont want to go to school !
Go there also waste my time ! ;((
Sleep only gea go there !
But i dont want to be outdated among issues with friends at school !

And i wanna have my pocket money too !
So i go to school everyday !
Lalala :)) ♥
Have taken a picture ! As usual , my eyes is in a straight line !

Random me :))

Friday, September 10, 2010

Sad case.

Ahhh, first time telling a boy i likes him! But im being rejected! :(
Sighs, its really hurt! But what to do?
I couldnt force him to be with me. Just let go :)
Awww, three more weeks, PMR!
Was very lazy nowadays! Dont feel like studying.
But i know i cant do so :) I must work and study hard for my mommy!
I've just taken a picture! It shows my mood and feelings now :)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

B L U R - C A S E !

Its already 3 months passed, and i still cant let go him.
And, today someone asked me, * Do you still love him, miss him?
Grrrr, and my answer was * Uhm, yea. I do miss him in a sudden, but i hate him damn much too.
Whatthehell! Am i lying to myself?
Sighs. Not only lying to myself, but to him too.
I received a text from an unknown number recently and the text was about sweet things btw me and him.
I really wanna know whos that unknown!
Is it him or his friends?
Fuck, just tell la. I just wanna know who you are!

Its really a tough day.

Lalalala. I slept at 4 yesterday night!
And guess what time i woke up today?
Its 8! OMFG! Damnnn tired lo.
Uhm, hanged around with sissss today at outdoor theme park!
Its really COOL and FUN! <3
We played many things! But she is too over sometimes!
Not to spoil our mood, i dint say anything ;)
Gonna hang around tonight again! Gonna sing K later!
LOLS! Cool ;)
me and cousin sis! ;)

Random me

smileeeee ;D

me and my sissss ;)

Recent life.

Uhm, finally trial ended!
And soon, FINAL.
Ahahahaha, im working very hard fot it! LOLS.
Im holiday-ing at genting! ;)
Uhm, played like mad justnow.
Was happy cause hanged with someone!
LOLS. Whatthehack!
About love, sighs. I still miss him!
My brain was like telling me not to forget him.
What should i do so that he'll be deleted from my stupid dumb dumb head?!
WHATEVER lar! Who cares, he dont care i dont care noone cares! ;)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Long time no BLOG ! (:

Dint updated my blog for almost, uhm, 3 months.
I think.
Heessss. Many things happened andandand, I changed a lot too.
He was my num.16 exs and I did really appreciated him.
I told to myself that, since me, myself is a playgirl, for not hurting any boys anymore, I wont couple.
Till I learn how to become a loyal person in love.
Uhmm, recently only I knew that my best best best friends backstabbed me.
I really dint thought that they will do so to me.
I felt really disappointed on them.
I thought I could maintain our friendship forever!
To me , nothing is more important than friends!
I really miss you all babes!
I miss the time we recess together, crapping and all sorts!
Trial is around the corner, and so, gonna update my blog a few months later!
I gonna miss my bloggiee '

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Im missing you.
What to do? Im bored.
But I dont wanna text you.
Im scared you will say Im disturbing.
Heess. So I just wait for your reply. ♥
Uhhmm, school holidays gonna end today.
Imma cant sleep till the noon lerr.
Wees. Gonna miss it! (:

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Did I made the wrong decision ?

Grrr. Im feeling so moody now since you said so.
You keep on blame me.
Sometimes I sits at the corner of my room and I think,
Am I really that hak yan zheng?
Sighs. Im tired of being like that.
Since we have broke up, just let it go.
Dont keep on looking back!
This will made both suffer too.
If you really wanna do something for me, just try to forget me ba.
Still friends. ♥


Uhhmm. This is the third blog I have created. (:
Dont know what to blog right now.
Feel blurr.
Many things happened.
But, life still goes on right?
New life, new blog too. (:
Awwww, missing him. ♥

lovesyou .