Sunday, August 1, 2010

Long time no BLOG ! (:

Dint updated my blog for almost, uhm, 3 months.
I think.
Heessss. Many things happened andandand, I changed a lot too.
He was my num.16 exs and I did really appreciated him.
I told to myself that, since me, myself is a playgirl, for not hurting any boys anymore, I wont couple.
Till I learn how to become a loyal person in love.
Uhmm, recently only I knew that my best best best friends backstabbed me.
I really dint thought that they will do so to me.
I felt really disappointed on them.
I thought I could maintain our friendship forever!
To me , nothing is more important than friends!
I really miss you all babes!
I miss the time we recess together, crapping and all sorts!
Trial is around the corner, and so, gonna update my blog a few months later!
I gonna miss my bloggiee '

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