Saturday, January 29, 2011

Its so stressed :(

Whattodo .
Life is so stressed .
Haiz , my heart is getting weaker & weaker everyday .
Hey , dont misund kay ?
I dont have heart problem one .
My kakak kept on crying this morning .
What happened i asked .
But she just cried cried cried and cried .
I dont like the sounds of crying , i just like the luaghters !
KAKAK , dont cry le . Idk what else i can do to comfort you other than hugging you and telling you jgn nangis dah .
Haiz , wanna help you but you dont wanna tell me what happen .
Ya allah , memberkatilah kakak saya ni ceria dan jgn nangis dah .
Saya cinta pada dia .
Allah , selamatlah dia . Jgn biar ia nangis lagi .
Dia memang susah :(

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