Sunday, April 24, 2011

Long time no blog ♥

Going to kl :)

Well , sucha long time dint blog dy .
Hmm , idk what to blog .
Yeah i went kl last tues :))
I went for ice skating at sunway !
Woahhhh , fell like shit :(
My knee full of bruises and blue black dy /.\
Haihhhh , yumgong !
But fortunately got some kind hearted ppl came and helped me out !
Ooppsss ! And one of them very lengzaiii oneee :$
Hehehe , the two little boys very damn cute tooo !
Ill never forget the 6 of them :)
Yeah , and me , my sis and my cousin bro went to sang K at 11 something !
At nightttt yeahhhh ><
WOA , so fucking song !
Hahahahahaha . Drank beer and vomit out like hell !
But the part i enjoyed the most is when he drove us to the top of the hill for the night scenery at kl !

I love KHOR WEI HAO for bringing us to so high and treating us beerrrr !
Hahaha :)


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