Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Busy January :/

Really want to just hug him like that forever

Closing his eyes , he feels me with his heart :D

We look so match :P

Haih , have been so damn busy for this year's january .
School reopen , loads of homeworks , plenty of tuition classes to attend .
Seriously , im serious hope to sleep forever and never wake up .
Aw , hell tired man .
Hmm , 21st gonna spend it all alone with myself .
Sad case huh ? Hmmm :(
Nevermind bah , whatever .
No mood this few days .
Errr , idontknow why . Maybe having period . And thats why a little bit , abnormal .
LOL , hahhahahahaha .
Hmm , mom always lectured me , said i never put my heart in studies .
I feel so annoyed , because she dontknow how i act like in school and home .
She's always out , she has no eyes to see what im doing .
Whatever , results prove everything .
Lets see . Im so gonna get good results for my first monthly exam !
Gotta sleep , tata :)

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