Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First day of school on 2012 :)


Aww , unbelievable !
Im already 17 ! HAHAHAHA .
Hmmm didnt talk much today at school .
Paid much attention to what teachers have said .
My maths teacher said really right ; Your PMR , SPM certificate gonna follow you the whole life ! You wouldnt want others to look down on you , so please work very hard for it :)
Yeahh , true enough . I dont want to be look down .
Furthermore i still have to continue my studies with babyvic in england .
So i must work double towards it :D
When i said it , i do it .
Hahahahaha , hmmm kinda miss him in school today :)
Trying hard to force myself not to miss him so much .
I scare one day he leave me , im so gonna die . Trust me , i really will .
Hahahahaha , just woke .

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