Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentines' ♥ !

Ehem , valentines is almost here :S
My chocolates are still so , cacated :(
Yerr , HOW ?
Anyone know how to cook chocolate without making it burnt ?
Haiyoooooooo , help !!
Errrr luckily i 've prepared some other present too :D
HAHAHAH , if not , DEAD :/
Hmmmm life with him happy sometimes , sad sometimes larr .
Dont always wish for happy lar !
Hmm very unlucky . Valentines' falls on school day .
DAMN , cant out dy lor .
But nvm , replace it after march exams :)
Its just the same , as long as im with him , everyday is valentines ! ♥
Hehehe , i misss him now .
Wannnaaaa huggg him tight tight :P
Everyone said me and him are puppy love :/
I dont feel so ahh , so im gonna work hard with him , prove to others we're having a mature love :)
Exams are coming , is like so fucking fast time passing .
Or maybe im too happy with him , doesnt realize time pas
siing so fast :p
Hahahah whatever lar right .
Anyway , ill work hard for my spm .
I S W E A R :)

love love for him :*

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