Sunday, March 4, 2012

Alright , it's sunday :3

Ahhhh , it's sunday today .
Kinda boring sunday I have :(
Hmmm , didnt see him for past few weeks dy .
Ohmygod , i wonder how can i survive through .
I used to see him once or maybe twice a week , but now ?
I really hope the fucking mechanic can quickly repair
his car and come meet me :(
Babe , i really miss you . I miss the way you hug me .
I miss the way you kiss me . I miss the way you tickle me .
I miss the way you lie on me , i miss the way you hold my hands .

I really scared i would not remember those feelings anymore .
Time is like separating us .
We have less and less and less topics to talk .

Your job and my studies , killers too .

HOW ? I dont want to be like this .
PLEASE , i just need some caring , from you .

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