Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Ah-ha , long time didnt update my dear bloggie dy .
HAHA , miss it so much , didnt express my feeling out kinda long .
Hmm , days with him happy and yet sad too , sometimes .
How to say ? Happy is when he is free to accompany me , being with me all day long , and i can touch him and see him .
Sad is when I cant even get one of his text the whole day and the feeling of being ignored haunts me .
Hmmm , kinda tired with him sometimes . Is like , too much of ups and downs in this relationship . I cant bear it anymore .
He asked me , whether is it very unhappy being with him ?
And i just said yeah . He asked why I am still holding on then ?
I just said because i really love you . I know I'll be much more heart broken and regret if I ever break up with you .
I just want some care from you sometimes , nothing else .
I just wish every night you will at least spare some time sending a goodnight text to me ,, spare some time to think of it . That's it.
HAAAA , feeling much more better after writing everything out .
Hahaha , gotta let you see some of my photos :)
Take care everyone , and beware of earthquake !

Him and her ♥

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