Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tuesday - Labour Day :)

Hmmm , it's labour day today but yet need to tuition .
Buuu buuu ! Hahahaha
Tuition kinda fun today cause sat with hoehoe and yongyong !
HAHAHAHAHA then he picked me up from tuition , then went aeon .
Omg , i got lost in Aeon :'(
He dont know went where and I walked all alone in that big fucking building for almost an hour .
Hmmmpphh . Sad you know !
I cried and yeah finally he found me .
That gave me great relief ! HAAAAAAAAAAA #
I tell you kay VicWong , dont ever loose my hand anymore I tell you !
If not I'll just cut that off !
Hmmm just reach home :)
Gotta bathe and do revision and sleeeeep !  

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