Friday, May 4, 2012

We are young .

Hmmm , i just feel like blogging tonight .
I dont know why .
Recently I have been chasing a Hong Kong drama , ( On Call 36 Hours )
After watching this drama , I realised that life is actually very short and unpredictable .
You may still laughing in the previous minuts , but who knows in the next minute something unlucky may happen ?
No one knows what's gonna happen next . 
So , appreciate people you love , and do what you want to do , say what you want to say , before it's too late .
Tho' my mom , always nag me for studies , scold me for being naughty * sometimes , but i never really put the blame on her as I know it is my responsibilty to do as a student right now (:
I remembered once my friend told me and tilll now it is now still in my head . 
* How long can you still be with your parents ? Just appreciate time with them . Be a fillial and dont ever treat them bad , because God will take your parents away if you ever treat them bad .
I thought of it thoroughly ,and i know what i can do now is study hard and take care of them in the future .
And to my dad now in England , pa , take care kay . 
Even though you've been separated with us for almost 6 years , but I still remember those happy moments with you . Please take good care of yourself , as I cant take care of you right now . I promise you , I'll study very hard , I wont disappoint you anymore . And dont worry me (: I miss you , very much

 Here's the theme song for the HongKong drama . Enjoy (: 

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