Thursday, December 29, 2011

S W E E T ♥

this is my face when i saw his mommy ! shy shy :$

Hehehe , sweet noh today !
He came to my house today and i went to his house too !
We ate breakfast together errr ! Hehehehehehehehehehe , mwahhh :$
Wahahahahaha , i saw his mommy :$
Scared sei ngo :( hehehehe , but he keep on laughing there !
That sei sui zai :D
Hehehe , went to his room too .
Aw , he kissed me on the bed :*
Hehehehe , i feel so sweet uh . Yer , gam gok ngo hou chi hui gea lou por gam :$
OPS , love him so damn fucking much :)
Im waiting for my birthday to come and introduce him to my mom
I love his smell , hehehehe hug too much . My shirt also got his smell dy .
Hmmmmm , missing him now ;)

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