Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Understanding girlf ? ;/ AM I ?

I always say im a understanding girlf , but actualy im not .
I mind he dump me alone , i mind he reply my text late :(
Yerr , i really wanna be an understanding girlf !
Hehe , to be his girl :D
I also must be very berjimat cermat dit ! So that we can share share for our expenses in england next next year ;D
To fulfil my babyboy's dream to be an international , professional and famous clown , ill help him kawkaw !
Ill bring him to see my mom on my birthday ! ><
Very gan jeong uh , yer ! This is the firsttime i bringing boyboy to eat with my family .
Im very serious this time , NO JOKE .
I really hope to be his future wife , mwahhhhhh !

I L O V E W O N G W A I S H E N , B I I ♥

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