Monday, December 26, 2011

Your future , My future ; OUR FUTURE .

We talked about our future last night .
Hahah , i told him my future plans , i told him i gotta go england to further studies .
He too , told me his future plans .
His job is actually a clown ! Ohmygod , im so fucking suprised !
Hehehe , i think i have found him , the one i need in my life .
I really appreciate last night , i knew more about his past , his future plans .
Haha , dont know why , i got a strong feeling of introducing him to my mom .
Ha , gosh . I think i really in love with him .
I really wanna tell my mom , # Miii , i have found the one i love , the one who can take care of me the rest of my life .
Mamamia , dont think too much first :D
Hehe , i hope me and him will live together forever :)

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